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Highland Cattle have a variety of characteristics that make them suitable for many different type of beef producers farming setups.

They can be found at many altitudes from sea level to many thousand feet, and at any latitude from Canada and Finland to Texas. They can cope with many climates and are extremely hardy.

They are ideal for farmers and breeders with thousands of acres or people with five to ten acres. People have them on estate land, in woodland, on national nature reserves, ordinary farmland and in many more types of environment. In short, Highland Cattle are very versatile.

Highland Cattle are low input and hardy

Highland Cattle can live in the hardest conditions and browse on rough, otherwise unproductive uplands. This makes them ideal for low input extensive farming.

They are also extremely hardy. This mean that Highland Cattle are often only brought back to the home farm for final production. They can also fit into any farming system from fattening in sheds to producing beef on grass alone. As they can live outside all year round, there’s little need for the initial investment in sheds.

In short, they are very good converters and extremely hardy, which is why you will see them in a variety of environments from mixed farms in the lowlands, to very rough grazing on hills and mountains across the UK.
Fact 1

With 40% less fat and cholesterol than normal beef, and a succulent, tender nature, Highland cattle meat is highly prized.

Fact 2

A bull Highland cow weighs around 800kg (1,800 pounds) and a cow 500kg (1,100 pounds), which is relatively light for cattle.

Fact 3

The Highland cow is renowned for its friendly nature, often approaching people to demand attention.

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